Hot Valor by Lynn Raye Harris

Mendez's long awaited story is high octane with a side of jet fuel to blast the reader into the stratosphere of readers heaven.  On the edge of my seat the only thing that made me put this story down was a bad case of a cold. 

Every range of emotions were met by Lynn.  I felt Mendez's anger when he learnt the truth, his joy at the end, his helplessness when he was lost to Kat and his calm speed he high tailed it at the beginning. 

Fasthma paced adventure, well loved characters and a glimpse into the life and feelings of a fiercely private man helped shape Hot Valor. I understood Kat and what made her tick. I was convinced her and Mendez were meant to be and I thought Lynn did a fantastic job explaining time and I loved the idea that true love wins in the end.

Thank you Lynn for number 11. May they keep rolling in, I truly love through HOT series.

A Ring for the Greek's Baby

A Ring for the Greek's Baby

Melanie Milburne

A Ring for the Greek's Baby by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Helen

Give me a Greek hero and I am in, and in I was for this story we met Emily and Loukas in MS Milburne’s last book Wedding Night with her Enemy where they had one very sensual night together that left Emily pregnant and now we journey with them to a very gorgeous HEA but of course there are a few ups and downs along the way but a very sensual journey as well I highly recommend that you sit an back and enjoy.

I fell for Loukas right from the start he is such a vulnerable hero after what he has been through in his life he is so scared of loving for fear of hurting people and one night stands is what he does that is until he meets Emily at his best friend’s wedding and for some reason that he cannot fathom he wants her again, but when he arrives to pick her up for dinner Emily is a bundle of nerves and the reason why is discovered and how it is discovered will have you smiling.

Emily is the typical girl next door for me lovable, caring and she wants love and the whole kit when she marries puppy as well you see she is an only child to a single mother and that is not what she wants for herself or her child, so when Loukas basically demands that they marry this rocks her and there is a battle of wills for them both and internally for Emily. But falling for him happens very fast but how can she get that love in return?

This is one of those stories that you will pick up and not want to put down beautifully written it shows how a proud and aloof billionaire falls for the gorgeous happy and fun secretary and the joy that can be found when the right key to a heart is be found. Thank you MS Milburne for another keeper a story that will stay with me for a long time, this one did leave me smiling.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published July 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents

The Rancher's Unexpected Family

The Rancher's Unexpected Family

Cedar River Cowboys #5

Helen Lacey

The Rancher's Unexpected Family by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

MS Lacey has bought us another fabulous story in this series I really do enjoy visiting the town of Cedar River and this one is such a feel good emotional and so very honest story of love and caring that really left me with a huge smile, sit back enjoy Ash McCune’s story she is the police office come rancher that helps out troubled and orphaned kids and she certainly meets the best man for her in ex Nascar driver Cole Quartermaine.

Ash lives a busy but rewarding life in the town she grew up in she has her mother and uncle for support and help with her son Jaye and the kids she fosters and a relationship is not what she is looking for, you see she has been abandoned by all of the men in her life father step father Jaye’s father but she has now agreed to help out a friend of a friend Cole Quartermaine and his troubled 14 year old daughter Maisy and Ash’s life is about to change.

Cole was a champion Nascar driver until an accident changed all of that he still works with the family car racing team and has been through a divorce and is happily single and he has only just met his daughter never knowing he had one and Maisy is causing a few problems for him, so he takes her off to the country to try and get to know her and help her, but what he finds is a loving family and a beautiful caring woman that he can’t help falling for.

Starting a relationship can be hard at times and with kids involved even harder to keep those feeling under control and MS Lacey has done it so well this really is a moving gorgeous story one that will have you shedding a few tears but boy you will be sighing and smiling I fell for Cole as quickly as Ash did he is just the most honest hero I have ever met and Ash so vulnerable but so strong and they really deserve and need each other so badly but so do the kids who play a big part in this story. I do highly recommend this one sit back and enjoy.

5/5/ stars for a fabulous story

Published July 18th 2017 by Harlequin Special Edition

Their Double Baby Gift

Their Double Baby Gift

Louisa Heaton

Their Double Baby Gift

Reviewed by Helen

This is a truly beautiful story I did shed a few tears but gee I smiled a lot as well, this one is beautifully written and is a magical story of what happens when two people meet after they lose someone very close to them both. Yes there is guilt on both parties but they know that, that one person who meant so much to them would be thrilled for them both, so sit back and enjoy this story I am sure you are going to love Major Matt Galloway and Dr Brooke Bailey and their family.

Brooke is a single Mum and is returning to work in the A&E at The London Grace Hospital after her maternity leave and she knows it is going to be hard as her best friend Jen is no longer there to be there for her and leaving her baby daughter Morgan for the first time is hard. Brooke never expects that her new boss is none other than Jen’s husband Matt and although they have never met before they do know a lot about each other and there is a connection instantly.

Matt loves his daughter Lily being a single Dad is not easy but the loss of his wife in childbirth has rocked him and he has decided that he will do as much as his wife Jen wanted for her and working at the hospital Jen did is a start, then getting to know her best friend Brooke is something else that he can do he is determined to help Brooke anyway he can as Jen wished. Oh but this is causing an attack of the guilt’s as he feels the sensual pull to Brooke.

I don’t want to say too much more about this story except that it is a must read and it was such a joy to read MS Heaton brings the emotions and love to life the characters are so alive and true, If you have never read a Louisa Heaton book then I highly recommend reading them they really will make you feel so good when you get to the end, this one ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous medical romance.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Medical

A Life-Saving Reunion

A Life-Saving Reunion

Paddington Children's Hospital #6

Alison Roberts

A Life-Saving Reunion by Alison Roberts

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous way to finish this awesome series oh the tears, the joy, the words, the characters I just loved this one it really is an emotional and moving story of love reunited to two people who had been through so much, my advice make yourself comfortable because you will not want to put this one down enjoy getting to know Cardiologist Thomas Wolfe and his ex-wife transplant surgeon Rebecca Scott as they journey to a HEA not to be forgotten.

Thomas has come back to the Paddington Children’s Hospital after working elsewhere for 5 years the tragedy of losing his beautiful daughter and what he and Rebecca went through was too much for Thomas so moving away from working with children was what was needed or that is what he thought until he returns to what he truly loves and to help keep Paddington’s or The Castle the way it is, but of course that brings him back to Rebecca his Becca and the love that was never lost.

Rebecca has never gotten over her ex or what happened to them but out of tragedy there can be life for others and being a transplant surgeon means a lot to Rebecca, and she knows that she needs to get through to Thomas to stop him from running away again and with one of their patients in need of a heart transplant this brings them closer and the love shines through never forgotten.

MS Roberts has worked magic with this story she has pulled at the heart strings and bought the characters to life, she made me cry and smile and feel so close to the doctors and patients and family members in this story I loved catching up with the characters from the previous books that was so good. I can highly recommend this book and this series to see what love can bring to caring people is just beautiful and the hard work by the medical teams. Thank you MS Roberts for such a beautiful story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Medical

Convenient Marriage, Surprise Twins by Amy Ruttan

Convenient Marriage, Surprise Twins

Amy Ruttan

Convenient Marriage, Surprise Twins by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

Oh what a great story this one is MS Ruttan has taken me to Hawaii, what a fabulous setting for a moving journey with two people who deserved love and happiness so much, two gifted orthopaedic surgeons Lana Haole who has always done whatever would make her father and everyone else happy and Andrew Tremblay who is Canadian was a keen surfer and top surgeon until an accident changed his life and now he needs help to say in Hawaii and again Lana steps up to help but this time Lana never expects to fall for the man so quickly and so totally.

Lana is talked into marrying Andrew so as he can get his green card by her younger brother Jack whom Andrew trains for surfing Lana has bought Jack up since their mother left when they were very young and their father always put his career as a surgeon first and Lana has followed in her father’s footsteps. She has been hurt before with a past boyfriend and is determined that it will be a marriage of convenience only but on their wedding night she cannot resist the pull that they have and what a night it ends up.

Andrew has been through a lot and the accident that changed his life took away is only sister and he has not been back to Canada since but really needs help to stay in Hawaii and hopefully get a job with the Surfing committee, but he is so drawn to the beautiful Lana he cannot ignore her or the spark between them, making love to someone has never been like this before for Andrew but still he does what he can to keep away from his wife that is until the news of not just one baby but two turns their world upside down.

WOW what a story, MS Ruttan knows how to pull at your heart strings and bring emotions out that are so real I loved this one from page one and can I say that for a marriage of convenience their wedding night is sexy and so very romantic after the glorious wedding on the beach, I think that Lana and Andrew were lost to each other after that night in such a gorgeous way. And it takes a drama to bring them closer and make them realize their love for each other, I did love this one thank you so much MS Ruttan for another keeper your stories never fail to make me smile

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017 by Harlequin Medical Romance

Reviewed by Nas Dean

CONVENIENT MARRIAGE, SURPRISE TWINS by author Amy Ruttan is a July 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Lana Haole had been made fun of on her engagement broke off. So she was in no mood for another engagement or marriage. But when her only brother beseeched her to marry Dr. Andrew Tremblay so that he could get a green card to stay in USA, she said yes.

Could this marriage stay in name only after the way she was attracted to Andrew? Because passion flared and they gave in to the temptation on their wedding night. But what about the consequences of it?

Would Andrew stay with her for long after his green card is approved? And would Lana say yes to long-term just for the sake of the babies?

CONVENIENT MARRIAGE, SURPRISE TWINS is a roller-coaster of an emotional read. Read why Lana is so close to her brother. Read why Andrew is against being a father. And read what happens next!

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance. 


The Italian's Bold Reckoning

The Italian's Bold Reckoning

Hot Italian Nights #4

Annie West

The Italian's Bold Reckoning by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

OMG the pages just about sizzle with this fabulous journey to a sensual steamy HEA, with such a beautiful setting and two very beautiful people, this is a second chance romance and the chemistry between movie star Matteo De Laurentis and his estranged wife Australian screen writer Angela has never cooled down after being apart for one year and now Matteo is determined to find out why his gorgeous wife left and to win her back.

Matteo was left stunned when his wife Angela left him and returned to Australia yes he knew her mother was gravely ill but he has given her a year to come to terms with that and now he wants her back. Angela was always quiet and reserved and so very passionate in bed they were a perfect match or so he thought. When she arrives in Venice under instructions from lawyers to front up on the set of his newest movie and the one she wrote the sparks fly in a lot of directions.

Angela was so brow beaten by her father that she lacked confidence in herself and when she feels that Matteo needs someone else for his way of life she is shattered and runs back to Australia and the year there although saddened by the loss of her mother she also gets a lot of help and a confidence boost by her sister, so the Angela that returns to Venice is a little different from the one that left but will she trust Matteo and the love that has never diminished.

Matteo is a hero to die for he is gorgeous loving caring and honest to a fault and he does everything right to convince Angela of the love that he never let go of for her as well and Angela is now a lot stronger and shows that strength in her love for Matteo. WOW what a beauty of a story this is, it is just so moving, sensual and sizzling and it had me smiling and sighing, a gorgeous reunion for a gorgeous couple. Thank you MS West for a story that took me to a happy place and will keep me there for a long while.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017

The Mysterious Italian Houseguest by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE MYSTERIOUS ITALIAN HOUSEGUEST by author Scarlet Wilson is a July 2017 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Portia Marlowe was spending time at a family property on a quiet island in Italy. She needed this time alone as her job was in jeopardy. She needed to come up with a celebrity news story fast.

In walked Hollywood star Javier Russo. He thought he would be alone at the villa. He certainly had no intention of sharing it with a reporter. But alone with Portia, he discovered her real personality and they gave in to their scorching chemistry. Then he discovered that she seemed to have leaked his personal anguish for the entire world to read.

Was her real personality which he had discovered fake after all? Or was she telling the truth that she loved him?

THE MYSTERIOUS ITALIAN HOUSEGUEST is a sweet and emotional story. A reader will be hooked from the very first page till the end in her quest to find out what happened next.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

The Surgeon's Cinderella by Susan Carlisle

The Surgeon's Cinderella

Susan Carlisle

The Surgeon's Cinderella by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautifully written story that is so very moving a story about two caring people who have issues from their pasts that makes gorgeous heart transplant Doctor, Tanner Locke want a marriage without love and beautiful matchmaker Whitney Thomason want love very much but she also has achieved a big change in her lifestyle that stops her here and there, still makes her a little unsure of herself that is until she meets Tanner when he requests her services as a matchmaker.

Whitney is a very successful matchmaker and prides herself on matching up lots of couples but when Dr Tanner asks for her help trying to find him the right person might be a bit harder, so when he asks for her to help him out on a weekend away together to pretends to be his girlfriend things start to heat up they are so drawn to each and a lot of truths come out is she the perfect match for Tanner?

Tanner Locke needs a wife but after the way his parent’s marriage ended he has decided that love is not what he wants he wants companionship for his future so when he hires matchmaker Whitney life is about to change as she makes him see what love is all about in such a very sensual way.

This really is such a beautiful story that left me smiling, I felt so much for Whitney and the strength that she shows throughout the story she has come from being a big girl to the beautiful person she is now but that doesn’t mean that she still doesn’t have feelings that are hard to leave behind and Tanner has never shown anything but honesty and openness with what he wants and the way that Whitney shows Tanner about love is so very moving, yes this is one that I highly recommend thank you MS Carlisle for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published June 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Medical

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE SURGEON’S CINDERELLA by author Susan Carlisle is a June 2017 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Whitney Thomason set up Heart Surgeon Tanner Locke with a date but it fell through. So she had to go instead as his date. Then they discover desire scorching between them. Passion flared. And they gave in.

What would happen after their fling? Would Tanner stay around or was it just sex for him? Was he ready to commit to long-term?

THE SURGEON’S CINDERELLA is a sweet emotional story amid all the medical drama. Author Susan Carlisle did a great job of bringing Whitney and Tanner together with all the issues they had.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance. 

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge

Clare Connelly

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge by Clare   Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

This is MS Connelly’s debut for Harlequin and what a beauty it is there is sensuality oozing from the pages and sparks flying in so many directions between the hero Nikos Kyriazis who is after revenge and the heroine Marnie Kenington, Marnie is the socialite known of Lady Heiress but there is a lot more to Marnie than most people see and I loved getting to know her and Nikos on this very sizzling journey to a very well deserved HEA.

Marine met and fell in love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks when she was seventeen he was friends with her sister Libby’s fiancĂ© but when Libby passes away and devastates the family Marnie’s parents force her to get rid of Nikos she cannot refuse them so hurts herself and Nikos and she never forgets him and although she has a few dates here and there no one will ever be Nikos.

Nikos is devastated when firstly Marnie drops him and he is bought off by her father but it makes him so very determined to make something of himself and that he does he works hard becomes a billionaire and is so sure that one day he will have his revenge and when he finds out that Marnie’s father is almost bankrupt he steps in with cash on the condition that Marnie marry him finally his revenge, but in the end his life is about to change forever.

Oh what a story the emotion and the depth of the characters had me turning the pages my heart went out to Marnie so many times and Nikos I could have hit him but I knew that his love for Marnie was so very strong as hers was for Nikos. I loved Marnie’s strength and courage to stand up to Nikos throughout the story and her caring and loyalty to her family and of course to Nikos yes there were a few tears lots of sighing and lots of smiles in the end. Thank you for a fabulous story MS Connelly one that I thoroughly enjoyed and can highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: July 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents